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SuperGrow Hair and Scalp Oil

February 12, 2020
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The Best Growth Products for Natural Hair
What if you could care for, style and grow long healthy hair with just a couple of products? Genuine African Formula’s new hair growth line, SuperGrow Naturals, allows you to get the hair growth results and style you want without buying a ton of hair care products. The SuperGrow Naturals system was designed to style, nourish and stimulate healthy hair growth for all hair types!
SuperGro Hair Gel
SuperGrow Naturals Hair Gel is infused with natural plants, biotin and herbal extracts, simultaneously providing excellent hold when styling while also stimulating natural hair growth. This hair gel also works to condition while strengthening hair from the inside out. SuperGrow Hair Gel is available in regular and extra hold at 4oz, 8oz, and 16oz.
SuperGrow Oil
SuperGrow Naturals Hair & Scalp Oil is a light weight leave-in treatment that cleanses, moisturizes and stimulates growth. This oil is high in essential fatty acids needed for deep hydration. Infused with Vitamins A, D and E it helps improve hair elasticity, strength and natural shine making this a great reparative oil that is gentle on sensitive scalps. SuperGrow Hair & Scalp Oil is available in 4oz and 6oz.

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